How it Started


Becoming a missionary – and a trip to Thailand – were not spontaneous decisions.

God placed the desire to be a missionary in my heart three years ago. For two years, it seemed like something for the distant future and after a college education was acquired.

However, after those two years, God flipped my life upside down and handed me the funds for a trip!

For another year, I searched and prayed for the perfect opportunity. For THE trip. The life changing adventure. And then it came! I knew this was it…

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In the Field


God knew what he was doing when he picked my first mission trip. He picked the people, the place, the year, and the length.

I’d like to say I had a part in choosing SOME part of it, but the more I look back, process, and contemplate, the more I see God’s signature at the end of every day.

The biggest part I played in planning this trip was requesting he give me more than I actually needed. Which he did! He prepared me down to the perfect pair of shoes, backpack, purse, and phone.

And so my adventures began…

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Answer the Call


God has called us, his children, to answer the call for help.

During my trip to Thailand, I was able to work with several organizations who are answering the cries for help – from the refugees who were driven from their home country because of their religion, from the orphaned children, and from the women trying to escape from the sex trafficking industry.

I learned that many in our country don’t have the slightest idea of what is going on in many parts of the world. (Before my trip, I didn’t.)

If they knew, they might wish to help…

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