Life Impact International

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Life Impact International

Life impact international is truly living up to its name. It is impacting lives. It is changing lives. And it is saving lives!

I was granted a wonderful blessing to see them at work fora weekend. If you haven’t already read about what I saw Lana┬ádo on the border, I encourage you to do so. I witnessed her rescue a four year old boy from trafficking. I saw her rescue a child who would have died if she hadn’t stepped in.

To read more about Life Impact and to get involved in helping these children, click here.

Besides watching a little boy be rescued, I was able to play with him and other children who have been rescued. After just five minutes with these children I wanted to take them all home with me. They are so sweet and so amazing.

I did a devotion with with children ages 4-7. While I spoke and asked questions the children inched closer and closer to me. By the end of the thirty minutes I had three children on my lap and many more trying to fit. They are all so happy and joyful you would never guess what they have been through and the lives they had to live before they were rescued. I will never forget the time I spent with these children And I pray many more will be rescued and shown the kind of love that they receive every day.