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While we were on the border with Lana, Before the rescue, we were able to observe the children playing in between the two countries. While they were playing a small boy, who was the first child to approach our group, got hurt. I watched as his playmates stood and walked somewhere else. However, he did not go with them. He sat in the grass crying. Eventually he slowly stood, composed himself and went along.

While I watched the little boy sitting in the grass and crying, my entire being wanted to run to him, scoop him up, and give him a hug. But I couldn’t, he was on the other side of the fence. If I had gone to him, I would have been in major trouble with border patrol.

Taking care of children is what I do, I kiss the boo boos and I rub the aching tummys.   To be so close to a child in need and not be allowed to help is something I have never experienced before. Making myself move on and catch up with my group was more painful than I can describe. Every time I look at this picture I remember his sobs. Every time I look at this picture I want to go back and rescue him. But I can’t.

Unlike when I was only a few feet away from him, I am not helpless. I may be on the other side of the world, but I can continue to pray for him. And I can tell others about him. And I can support the organizations working to save these children.

Some people say they can’t help because they can’t travel, and that is not true. I can do more to help those children be rescued HERE, than I was doing THERE. Being able to go is wonderful, but not being able to go does not make you helpless to change what is going on.