Part of the Family

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Part of the Family

Around Christmas time I was nannying for a friend. I hadn’t seen my family in two months, I had missed several birthdays, and I couldn’t afford gifts for anyone. I was going to get home four days before Christmas and I was going to arrive empty handed. This didn’t sit right with me. One thing I love to do is spoil the two nieces and two nephews I live with with gifts. However, because of the road I was on, I could barely afford to take my sister out for coffee when I got home.

I continuously argued with myself. I had chosen to quit my reliable job the previous summer and move to a different city. I could have easily found a different job close to my new home, but I had chosen not to. Something about the thought made my stomach churn every time I thought about it. I prayed and prayed about what to do. I had bills to pay and had run out of savings to pay them. However, no matter how much I prayed, the churning feeling in my stomach refused to leave.

Then God showed me why, he had different work in mind for me. This is how I ended up as a nanny. Unfortunately, it did not provide the extra cushion I needed for the plethora of children in my family to be showered with presents.

When Christmas was just around the corner I was bent over the table begging God to give me just a bit more. Just enough for the children I live with. At the very least. Then it hit me. I was begging God to allow me to give the children STUFF that they didn’t even need which would probably be broken the next week at the very latest.

The thought was not comforting, how was I to show these children I loved them without buying them a Christmas present? I continued to ponder the mind boggling dilemma all day and into the night but the next morning I found myself in the same predicament, only with one less day to solve the problem.

Then I light bulb moment happened and things began to become clear. I emailed Kelli, from Generation Miracle, and asked if there was any way I could help support one or two children living in their safe house. I told her I knew it was close to Christmas and that she must be terribly busy but I had decided to do something different for Christmas.

This year my “babies” would not open a toy from me, that was true, but they would be given a new friend. A sort of “pin pal” idea was playing at my mind. The idea developed as I typed my email. I decided to be as financially responsible for two children as God would allow and not only would this be a gift for my nieces and nephews, not only would it bless the other children on the other side of the world, but it would also give my homeschooling sister an opportunity to teach her children about orphans, refugees, other cultures, and the persecution people in other countries face because of their faith.

It would give her an opportunity to teach about praying for people that are being persecuted and it would be real to her children because they were learning about real people. Writing letters to them and seeing their pictures and learning what they have gone through and what life is like for them. When I sent my Email I was thrilled with this plan, but something still nagged at my thoughts…They kiddos would have nothing to open from me on Christmas morning.

Over the next few days Kelli sent me emails about the different children in the safe house and I picked a brother and sister from Vietnam. I then had another light bulb idea about giving the kids something to open. I decided to write the story of the Vietnamese children into a children’s story and wrap the “book” and place THAT under the Christmas tree. What followed were many more emails sent back and forth detailing what the children had gone though.

The facts:

  • They were a large family.
  • They were productive farmers.
  • Their land had been sieved and burnt by the government.
  • Their father had been beaten near death and been refused medical treatment.
  • Their oldest brother had been taken to prison.
  • All these things happened because they were Christians.
  • God miraculously healed the father.
  • God provided and escape from prison for the oldest brother.
  • God lead them safely on foot to Cambodia and then to Thailand.
  • When they had just finished their last bag of rice God lead the leaders of Generation Miracle.
  • They now live in a safe house provided by Generation Miracle.

I took this information and wrote it into a children’s story. For any who want to read it, it is posted on The story ended up coming together after Christmas, so it was a late present, but the children loved the story and wanted to know all about their new pen pals. They frequently pray for their family’s safety and encouragement and have also written letters! They have adopted these two Vietnamese children as part of our large family and are learning so much. What a great gift God gave me to give to them! I’m so thankful I didn’t have money for silly toys last year!

When I traveled to Thailand I was able to meet these two children, as well as the rest of their family, including  two additions to the family. Twin girls who are now a year old and learning to walk!