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A little over a year ago a mission trip wasn’t even in my sights. Yes, I wanted to be a missionary, but, I felt, I was nowhere near getting on a plane and taking off. Obviously, God had lightly different plans.

One week, orphans were on my mind. I was reading about different organizations and different ways to help. I was thinking about how great it would be if my church got involved in supporting an orphan over seas. There are many organizations that have you send only thirty dollars a month. In fact, I thought, I go to a huge church with many, many Sunday school classes, what if each class adopted a child? What a difference that would make!

On Sunday I collected all my courage and talked to not one, but  two classes about my idea. Speaking in front of people is not one of my strong points, in fact the thought terrifies me, but I felt that if God had placed orphans on my heart then I’d better speak up about helping them! So I did.

It seemed easy enough, thirty dollars a month from a class of at least fifteen people….that’s like pocket change! I felt so confident about my way to help, that I forgot most of my fear of public speaking.  I left my second class and headed to the service with my family, where someone stopped me and posed a question.

“Lizzie, what do you want to do? With your future.” I turned to see someone from one of the classes I had spoken to. Almost immediately I answered with the answer I always gave, “I want to be a missionary.” I wanted to be a missionary anywhere, I had no thought of where I might want to go or how long or even HOW to be a missionary. But that is what I said I’d like to do.

The response I received left me speechless. In complete forgetfulness of how to use my tongue and mouth to form actual coherent words. The person who had posed the question had just offered to help fund a mission trip of my choosing!

Oh boy oh boy!! I thought. But now what? How do you choose one?

And so starts my year of adventures in finding the trip of God’s choosing. It wasn’t easy, and at some points I wanted to scream and pull my hair out, but at other times the joy I felt was indescribable. And the end result, seeing everything God did, still leaves me speechless.