Up on the Mountain

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Up on the Mountain

One of the most touching experiences during this trip was when we went up on the mountain not far from the Burma/Myanmar Border. The drive up was twisty and turny to say the least. It probably didn’t help that we past our turn and drove an extra hour and a half before turning around and heading back to try again. Although, that extra three hours did provide such unimaginably beautiful scenery that I doubt the best camera could fully capture.

When we finally did arrive, what followed was filling our arms with bags of food and toys for the children on the mountain and hiking down the slippery hill to get to the children’s camp. There we played games with them, handed out snacks and toys, and sang songs.

After finishing the well known song “Father Abraham” I sat down in front of all the children and got a good look at their faces. I saw boys and girls the same ages as all my nieces and nephews. The same ages as the children I nanny. Tears welled up in my eyes as the realization became clearer and clearer. These children are never going to have what the ones I care for back home do.

While I looked out among the sea of faces I choked back a sob at a silly memory of a three year old I care for jumping up and down and running to get in her bubble bath. I remembered how much joy she had at playing in the bubbles and I knew these children would never experience the fun of bubble baths. I thought about what a safe home she had and how she wouldn’t ever in her whole life have to experience what these children experience every day.

The kind of family she had, being able to cuddle up together and read a book, or watch a movie and drink hot chocolate, these children would never feel that warmth. At that moment I wanted to take them ALL home with me. But I can’t.

These children all have heart wrenching stories of why they are at the camp. For many of them, their parents had heard about the camp and shoved them to go find it, to go to its safety. Some have seen their parents murdered, others have heard stories of mothers being forced into prostitution.

Even a small child can make a difference in the lives of these children, watch what Bella did to help!

One of the organizations working to support this camp is Help Live.

I know I can’t give these children a bubble bath and a cup of hot cocoa, but we can send money for them to get food and clothes and we can constantly pray for their protection and heath.