An Open Door

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An Open Door

If you were my guest, I would open the door to my home and invite you in. When you entered, more than likely, your eyes would peruse the interior. You would take notice of the layout of the house, pictures and decorations, and furniture. You would even notice my choice between carpet and hardwood floors.

The smell, cleanliness, and the “comfyness” of the couch would also be quickly noted. Not to mention the size of the TV, the kind of music playing and any animals that greeted you.

All of these observations would give you an idea of who I was. If I was a slob, a soccer mom, a sports fanatic, a clean freak, and so on. In the same way, this blog is an open door into who I am and what I do.

God has called me to let my life be an open door for people to see not only who I am, but who he is as well. In this blog I will share in detail what he did. Where he sent me. And the stories of the wonderful people I met. So stick around! :)