How it Started

How it Started

Becoming a missionary – and a trip to Thailand – were not spontaneous decisions. God placed the desire to be a missionary in my heart three years ago. For two years, it seemed like something for the distant future and after a college education was acquired.

However, after those two years, God flipped my life upside down and handed me the funds for a trip!

For another year I searched and prayed for the perfect opportunity. For THE trip. The life changing adventure.

I passed up at least four opportunities to India and other locations around the world. None of them seemed right.

And then it came! I knew this was it. In my heart I knew it.

But then I looked at my finances: God had given me half of what I needed – only half. I still had to find a way to buy a plane ticket, food, and transportation. Not to mention the little things like hiking shoes and other necessities for traveling out of the country for six weeks.

What followed was an emotional battle. Was I wrong? Would God pull through? Silly questions when looking back, but at the time, they were all I could see and all I could think about. The following months of preparation were rough. Nothing went right. My finger nails were bitten into oblivion.

Three days before my plane flew out I got my visa. It was finally set in stone: I was going to Thailand! The path was rocky, but it prepared me for what I encountered across the world. There is no doubt God has blessed me abundantly. Just some of his blessings include:

• Giving me over fifty-eight hundred dollars to go across the world (without me asking anyone for even a cent).
• Providing not just what I needed for the trip, but what I believed I needed (there is a big difference).
• Providing safe Travel there and back.
• Changing my life while I was there and showing me things people go their whole lives without seeing.
• And letting me in on a secret…. This is just the beginning. He has so much more planned!

The preparation time for this trip holds just as many adventures as the trip itself, as well as just as many lessons. So of course, I can’t wait to share them and brag about the God I serve.


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A little over a year ago a mission trip wasn’t even in my sights. Yes, I wanted to be a missionary, but, I felt, I was nowhere near getting on a plane and taking off. Obviously, God had lightly different plans. One week, orphans were on my mind. I was reading about different organizations and different ways to help. I was thinking about how great it would be if my church got involved in supporting an orphan over seas. There are many organizations that have you send only thirty dollars a month. In fact, I thought, I go to a huge church...

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Part of the Family

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Part of the Family

Around Christmas time I was nannying for a friend. I hadn’t seen my family in two months, I had missed several birthdays, and I couldn’t afford gifts for anyone. I was going to get home four days before Christmas and I was going to arrive empty handed. This didn’t sit right with me. One thing I love to do is spoil the two nieces and two nephews I live with with gifts. However, because of the road I was on, I could barely afford to take my sister out for coffee when I got home. I continuously argued with myself. I had chosen...

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